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BiOLUX Portable Hydrogen Pot

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BiOLUX Portable Hydrogen Pot BiOLUX

BiOLUX Hydrogen Pot Product Introduction

The World's First Portable Hydrogen Pot, with patented indirect Electrolytic Technology.
  • Hydrogen Water for Drinking (up to 1,200ppb)
  • Hydrogen Gas for Inhalation (99.999% purity)

Product Features:
  • Japan No.1 pH Neutral Hydrogen Rich Water Generator
  • Compact design with 1,800ml capacity
  • Portable and no installation required
  • Smart heating controls – Up to 50°C
  • Portable and convenient. No installation required
  • Does NOT change the pH of water source
  • Use any water source of your choice eg: distilled water, mineral water etc
  • No worry of contamination / leaching of minerals into the drinking water as it is not in contact with any electrode plates.

Advantages of Hydrogen Water / Hydrogen Gas Inhalation:
  • Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the world, it's 88 times smaller than Vitamin C.
  • Hydrogen can quickly and effectively pass through our body to reach organs and cells, promoting healing to damaged tissues caused by oxidative stress, disease, and aging.
  • Slow down aging process and anti-inflammatory.
  • It offers amazing therapeutic results for people who are suffering from chronic diseases as it repair and rejuvenate at the cellular levels.

*Antioxidant and anti-inflammation by inhaling Hydrogen Gas at least 1 hour a day

Product Code: EOS7150-HG

Warranty: 1 Year
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